Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have to say this might have been just about the best weekend I have had in a long time! Friday we attended a special reception at school for Ethan and Elijah celebrating their academic acheivements this year. Saturday we woke up and took the boys to see Night at the Museum 2. It was really, really cute! My boys loved it. I capped my night off with a leisurely screening of "My Bloody Valentine" complete with 3D glasses! Sunday morning Jerry cooked a yummy breakfast for us and he even cleaned up pretty good Later we headed over to my inlaws for my bday dinner complete with all my favorites and had a really great visit, while the boys swam in a pool that was way to cold. They had a blast though and said the water was great as soon as you got used to it. And then that brings me to Monday, I was worried because it was supposed to rain all weekend, which I guess it did off and on, but it held off and we had a fun grill day at the park. The weather was just about perfect! After a fun filled outing we headed home for a nap and then I woke up to get ready for...wait for it...a concert at the House of Blues, featuring Gavin Rossdale. OMG! I don't get out to see shows much, but this was probably the best show I have ever seen. We paid $20 for general admission and were so close to the stage, it was just amazing. There were no tall people in front of me, so I saw all of the action and he is so beautifully, amazingly talented. We did have a small "issue" with the obnoxious drunk group, but they did themselves in and one of em' got arrested which ended the party for them all! Everyone around me practically started cheering when they left and that's when we really got to enjoy the show. He sang some new stuff, but he sang a lot of Bush stuff too. Jerry wasn't to keen on going in the beginning but once it was over he was glad he went. Good time had by all! Then it was midnight and we turned into pumpkins and woke up and had to go back to work. The end.

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SLG said...

Look at you, you are on a blogging roll. I love it. And I love that you had a great weekend : )