Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shout Out!!

With the creation of TIVO and DVR'S it's a wonder that anyone watches commercials anymore. I have to admit I don't, I usually either watch my shows recorded or just pause them and do whatever I need to do so that I don't ever catch up and I can fast forward all the way through! That being said, there are a few advertisers I will stop and watch. Here is my commercial shout out list, my "fave 5" if you will (get it, that's TMobile, ironcially enough, they aren't on my list...lol)

5. Jack In the Box (earworm alert...yippee, ay, yey, mini sirloin burgers) they are super silly, but I love em'.
4. Sonic...the very assinine conversations in the car, sometimes they are pretty darn witty.
3. Geico...who can resist the creeptastic eyes on a big pile of money.
2. E-trade...the talking baby is genius, this gives my number 1 a real run for their money.

and, for right now anyway,
1. ATT...the rollover minutes mom. She's a nut and I probably like her so much because she's always got the super crazy wild look in her eyes. The best so far is the one in the van, where she launches off about the rollover minutes only to be interrupted by her son...the combo "what did you just say to me/go ahead, say something else" look is greatness, as a mom of all boys I've given that look countless of times.

So there you have it, I'm sure you had a better way to spend these past few minutes of your life.


SLG said...

I cannot think of a better way to spend my time..YAY, Brenda is BACK!

Christy said...

I hate the Geico commerical. Bring back the Gecko!! The Mom on the AT&T commercial rocks!